Trichy to Pudukkottai Car Rental Package

Trichy To Pudukkottai

Trichy to Pudukkottai Cab
Rs. 4100.00
Distance between Trichy and Pudukkottai is 60 Kilometres, Up & Down 120 Kilometres.

Pudukkottai district is one of the princely states of Tamilnadu holds prosperous cultural heritage with Fortresses, Palaces, Temples, Cave Paintings and many other historical monuments. Many of the villages are of activistic foundation and also referenced often in Tamil Sangam Literature. Pudukkottai district is well endowed with natural resources of land and sea bounded by the marine hedge of Bay of Bengal in the east conjoined by the southern districts namely, Trichy, Sivaganga, Ramanathapuram and Thanjavur. Besides, The Temple Avudayarkovil, Kudumiyanmalai, Chitthannavasal are very much prominent. Muslim’s sacred place namely, Kattubhava pallivasal, christian monument at Avur and jains temples at Annavasal proclaims the religious harmony of the district .

Trichy to Pudukkottai Car Rental Package
Places to visit in Pudukkottai: (300Kms - Rs. 4100/-)
1. Malayadipatti, 43 kms distance from Trichy.
2. Kunnandar Koil, The temple is considered one of the oldest stone temple, 12 Kms From Malayadipatti
3. Narthamalai, a cluster of small hills, 23 km distance from Kunnandar Koil.
4. Chithannavasal, is a Prominent Tourist Centre of Pudukottai District. It is 10 km distance from Narthamalai.
5. Kudimiyaanmalai, It was 14 Kms distance from Chithannavasal.
6. Government Museum, 18 Kms distance from Kudimiyaanmalai.
7. Thirugokarnam Temple, Shortest distance 350 m from Museum.
8. Thirumayam Fort, The main attractions of the place are the fort. It was 20 km distance from Government Museum.
9. Avudaiyar Koil, 50 km distance from Thirumayam Fort.